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A car is more than just a product of mechanical construct built to serve locomotive purposes. A car is a work of art devised by advanced technology that defines the personality of its owner. At Weck Autos, we know that your prestige should never be undermined by a car that lowers your status and we deliver the quality that defines your personality.
This is why every car that we list is best-in-class and is guaranteed to announce your presence respect and in style. Your sophistication is evident at every stage of the car’s build, from stunning architecture to luxurious comfort, state-of-the-art facilities and top-notch performance, no standard is compromised. Your safety is also a priority as these cars were designed by the best structural engineers with ultramodern safety fittings to provide you with maximum protection.
We don’t offer you cars, we offer you supercars..


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Fast Car: Weck Autos
Race Ready


Beat time and never be overtaken with cars that were designed to take you faster than fast every time. Select from our diverse range of sports options designed and built to deliver reliable safety and performance.

Weck Autos: Luxury Car Parts Dealers
Family Oriented


What good is luxury if it can’t guarantee the safety of you and your loved ones? There’s room for everyone in these luxurious options that provides you with comfort and style, enough to go round.

Weck Autos Brands
Executive Statement


You are ranked according to the car you drive. Let us reserve your seat at the high table with our wide range of offerings bound to inspire awe because you should be held in high esteem. You need a Weck car.

Quality Oriented

We are a highly trusted source of quality Brand new/used German cars that have a clean title history and are accident-free. Although new and used, our inventory of cars comes directly from the car manufacturer’s and dealer’s showroom in Germany and is constantly being updated to provide you with the best.

Proven Technology

Listing only the best cars by the best manufacturers ensures that you have access to ultramodern features and best-in-class technology. This is double-guaranteed by our team of automobile experts that inspect all cars and ensure that they are in sound condition.

Top Performance

Whether your priority is speed, comfort, style or versatility, you can bank on the efficient functioning of our vehicles and a smooth drive every time. This is double-guaranteed by our team of automobile experts that inspect all cars and ensure that they are in sound condition.

Customer Satisfaction

We match providing you the best with ease of service. We are always available to listen to your needs and respond to them promptly. Until your car reaches your stipulated destination, we bear all the delivery hassles.


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