Selling your used car fast and at the best possible price shouldn’t be difficult!

With the ease of accessibility of information, it will be ignorant to think that your car is exclusive. Yes, you maintained it well, and yes, it’s almost as good as new. The question is, “How can you get your prospective buyer to choose you, or even see it?” Even if you’re sourcing for a buyer online, there will be a face-to-face meeting and so much will bear on it.

We have compiled a list of to-dos to take into consideration while attempting to sell your used luxury car if getting a good bargain a priority for you. If you follow these prompts carefully, you’ll be as good as the best salespeople.


To commence a successful car sale venture, your priority should be to get her prim and proper so that she can attract the best offers. This entails preparing your car for sale. The following steps should serve as a guide.

1.         Find Out the Current Worth of Your Car

We know that your precious car cost you a lot to purchase and maintenance. We also know that it’s a prize model. However, you must know, too, that luxury cars depreciate at absurd rates. That fact in place, it is necessary to know what the market thinks your jewel to be worth. This will help you to make a reasonable demand for it. Who knows, you might even find that you had undervalued her.

To help you achieve this, you can involve the help of professional valuators or take advantage of reputable online platforms like Kelley Blue Book if you are in the US, CARFAX if you are in Canada, AutoTrader if you are in the UK, and SPICYAUTO if you are in Nigeria.

2.         Have Your Paperwork Complete and Up to Date

Yeah, you own the car you’re trying to sell but, how do we know that? With high rates of swindling these days, it’s not too much to demand some proof of ownership for that lovely car. It even helps to soothe doubt and set the negotiating ambience right

3.         Fix Scratches and Dents and Make it Look Appealing

Imagine having potential buyers make a close inspection of your beautiful car only to be greeted by those little imps. Considering that most people opting to spend money on a luxury car are detail-oriented, this could really be off-putting and it will reflect in their offering. You don’t want that.

However, this advice does not apply to major fixes that will cost more than 5 per cent of the value of the car. This is because it usually ends up not influencing the value of offerings as much one might expect.

4.         Pictures, Pictures and Pictures!

With an online sales platform, you should realize that details matter even more so, pay more attention to your photography or video outcomes. While listing your car online, ensure that images and videos are as clear and detailed as possible, covering both the interior and exterior and as many angles as possible. Craft your sales pitch to intone affection and a sense of responsibility. Special features, specifications and personal customisations should be mentioned too.


With your car picture-perfect, she’s ready to walk the runway. It’s time to help her find potential buyers who might actually be looking to buy her and not just having a field day. While you are at this, you should also ensure that both of you leave a good impression so that you do not end up discouraging the perfect buyer.

1.         Find Good Places to Meet Potential Buyers for Your Car

Your perfect car will not find that perfect buyer if you fail to figure out a way to get those perfect buyers to see your perfect car. You want to attract the right attention but first, you need to find the right attention. Being a luxury car, failing at this will more likely turn your car into a spectacle than help you find worthy buyers.

A good start is asking yourself who your potential buyer is and the kind of places that they would frequent. Where do they shop? Where do they hang out – gyms, clubs, restaurants? What event(s) do they attend that are within proximity and at venues that you could gain access to – conferences, meet-ups, restaurants, and the likes? What brands and information media do they prefer? Where do they live and/or work? These might provide cues to help you find your market.

2.         Build Healthy Rapport with Prospective Buyers

Even if there’s a for sale sign on your car, you do not have to adopt the conventional salesman approach to relating with people around you. Act at ease and when someone indicates interest, do not jump into ‘salesy’ conversation. Be content with having a normal conversation about the car as you would be, were you not selling it. Let the other party prompt you into such territories or venture there when you see cues that say that it is alright to.

Let your conversation reflect in-depth knowledge about the car and good car care practices from an experiential point of view.  For example, talk about that one time when you changed the oil too early. Relate to each other with names and show interest in their car as well. In a nutshell, don’t be pushy!

3.         Establish Affection for the Car

While we are still on best communication practices, through your conversation, remember to establish your deep-seated affection for the car. Exhibit some form of reluctance to sell. Talk about your sentimental attachments and what makes it special to you. Tell empathising stories about great experiences with the car; let them see that you love the car. It is easier to believe that you took great care to maintain the car when they see that you care about it. Also, it helps to create a sense of attachment with the car. They can visualize themselves owning it and sharing your experiences so, take care to ensure that they are experiences that they wouldn’t mind sharing.

Another good communication strategy is to be balanced, don’t be all glad tidings; talk about easy car care tips or hacks that you know and other interesting discoveries you made about the car or cars in general while owning it. Make it a double-sided conversation; get them to share their own stories too.

4.         Avoid Using Language that Betrays Honesty

People are generally extra-careful and extra-attentive when looking to make a purchase like a car. Do not create the create impressions that leave doubts about your integrity. Leave out that story about how you pranked a friend, making him feel that he had been defrauded. Boundaries on curse words and wild talk should be set according to the threshold of your audience.


How you end an interaction matters. You do not want to spoil your hard work. Take care to leave such an impression, at the very least, you’ll get a referral.

  • Be understanding when they have doubts. Rarely do people decide to buy a car on the spot. Most times, they keep their purchase intentions to themselves and take time to ponder their options. Therefore, the least they need is your disappointed expression or incessant calls in that state of dilemma. Believe it or not, yours is not the only great car they’ve come upon. Think about when you were also looking to buy something of great value to you. Make them comfortable with asking questions and answer truthfully and only to the best of your knowledge. Keep in mind that one lie can ruin everything. Share stories about your own doubts at first if applicable. Show some form of empathy and attachment to them.
  • If you are going to sell online, validate potential buyers and choose safe meet-ups. If you can, get before and after pictures to show that the car hasn’t deteriorated under your care
  • Discuss price after every other thing. When discussing price, make it obvious that selling the car to someone who considers her valuable is also paramount to you. One common mistake that private sellers make is to wait to have a wide array of offers before deciding to settle for a good offer. You might end up shooting yourself in the leg as interest is quite fickle. A good rule of thumb is to follow your intuition. When you get an offer that is reasonable and you feel that it is good enough, it’s best to take it. The longer you hold on to the car, the less its value will be and the more you will continue to spend to ensure that it is always in good condition for prospective buyers. This doesn’t imply that you have to jump on the first offer. It’s a bit of a tricky situation, just be of a calm disposition.      
  • Follow up! When you notice a sure sign of purchase intention from a potential buyer, do not hesitate to check in on them. As usual take caution to not be a bother. Should they change their mind about the purchase, ask for honest reasons and use them to improve your approach. Also, remember to ask for referrals.

I know that while some people might be enthusiastic about selling their car themselves, a large proportion of potential sellers might be daunted by the rigours of the process.

For those who would rather do away with the hassles of selling privately, other options abound. You can take advantage of online platforms like Kelley Blue Book, cashautosalvage, i Buy Luxury Cars, Edmunds Inc., and cheki.com. You can also participate in online car auctions like what is available on ebay Motors or sell to reputable dealers to get an instant offer or place a sale ad and decide what’s good for you.

These are faster and more convenient, albeit, you’re more likely to get a lesser offering. This can also be the case if private selling goes wrong so, better to opt for what works for you.

Are you looking to replace your luxury vehicle with an even better deal for the buck, we’d like you to take a look at our inventory of manufacturer-certified used luxury cars. We are certain that our effort to curate and list only vehicles that are in perfect condition will offer something that will appeal to you.

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