Frequently Asked Questions

WeckAutos is a highly trusted source of quality New/Used German cars that are accident free
and has a clean title history.
Our inventory of cars although New/Used, comes directly from the Car manufacturer’s/dealer’s
showroom’s in Germany ready to be delivered to any destination of your choice.
We will do our best to try and provide you with pictures and additional information.
Inventory is constantly being updated to provide you with a wide array of quality used
Yes. We can offer you a variety of new cars as well as used cars.
Please contact us at info@weckautos.com for more information.
After shopping for your car from our online inventory, next step is to confirm your car
order with our sales team. Post-confirmation of your order, we will begin the process of
ensuring delivery of your car choice to your preferred destination anywhere in the world.
We strive to deliver the maximum possible discount value for our clients.
Please contact us for possible discount on our cars at info@weckautos.com
Our cars are always in optimum condition guaranteed by the manufacturer with full
specifications and details. However, if you still need further validation about your order,
you can make a request for an Independent Vehicle Inspection‬. Once your request is
approved, we would arrange an independent physical examination by a licensed inspector
for the car you are considering to buy. The physical examination will afford you a full-
size condition report with interior and exterior details and pictures. (The independent
examination comes at an extra cost).
To learn more details, please contact us at info@weckautos.com
Delivery time is 19-21 days from confirmation of order. No delays!!!
Yes, you can cancel the order process but NOT after 48 hours of confirmation of your
order. Any cancellation after the 48 hours deadline attracts a charge of 5% of the total
value of the car.
We have a policy not to accept third party funds. WeckAutos is obligated by law to
“know your client” and accepting funds from any individual/group other than the
original purchaser of the car puts you and our Company at risk.
Please contact WeckAutos for clarification at info@weckautos.com
Clients are advised to complete payment for their car order within 72 hours after receipt
of their car order in good condition. If we do not receive complete payment or a copy of
payment confirmation from a client after 19/21 days of delivery of car order, Weck Autos
reserves the right to repossess the car from such client. Repossession of car order attracts
a minimum charge of 5% of the value of the car as relisting fee.
Your cars will be delivered to you by “RORO” or “Container” shipping. On landing
“RORO” means that your car will be driven inside the ship. This method of shipment is
available to various destinations and does not involve consolidation. Please refer to this
link to find out more information on “RORO” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roll-
“Container” shipping is the most popular way to ship a car. Basically, your car will be
loaded inside 20 feet or 40 feet container, and the container will be sealed.
We will be notifying you on your status through emails.
Phone:  +4915140167793
E-Mail:  info@weckautos.com
Address: Ludwigkirchstraße 11 10719 Berlin, Germany
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